EG Soul Leader


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EG Soul Leader was designed by Kisu Park of Mass Studies ( The project was originally named “Stocky Bundle Matrix.” Starting from basic matrix of three towers, the masses followed set back requirements for day lighting: 1:2 ratio on the north side, 1:1.5 ratio on the road side. The three towers – east and north – meets the core at north on the fifth and sixth floor, where communal space for reading and meeting is provided for the residents. The bricks on the exterior facade seems to have been cut by waterjet like in Le Beige Building.

3 floors below ground, 9 floors above ground

Total floor area : 6,060sqm | 27.8m high

Address : 34, Teheran-ro 14-gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul (서울시 강남구 테헤란로 14길 34, EG소울리더) – EG Soul Leader interior pictures

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