Hello- I’m Yereem Park, a New York and Massachusetts licensed architect from Seoul, now in US. While living abroad in US and China, I felt the need to share architecture and design projects happening in Korea in English for my friends who are interested in living/working/traveling in Korea. So here it is.


Enjoy & feel free to send suggestions to



If you would like to purchase original photographs (yes, the images on this blog are resized to make them lighter), also contact


to discuss details.


Thank you!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Yereem, it’s me Stephan Kim. 😉 First of all thanks a lot for your blog. It is indeed very informative and helpful.
    May i suggest some more buildings for your fine selection?
    S Trenue Tower, Mass Studies / Amore Pacific Research & Design Center, Alvara Siza / Welcomm City, IROJE / Paul Smith Store, System Lab / …


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