Sleeed at Milan Design Week 2014



Sleeed at Milan Design Week 2014

Sleeed is the world’s first horizontal stacking plastic chair produced by single-piece injection molding process. When designer Minsu Choi of Centimeter Studio ( ) hurt himself while lifting a chair, he decided to design a chair which does not have to be stacked vertically. Inspiration came from a sled, chairs sliding in one after another and stacking horizontally.

Due to single-piece injection molding process, it takes only about 10 minutes to produce one chair. And because of its material being plastic, Sleeed weighs only 3,028grams. When horizontally stacked, the space in between the chairs is 5cm, which saves 20% more space than the regular vertically stacked chairs.

Having won the Red Dot Award in 2012, Sleeed was first exhibited in Milan Design Week 2014 as one of ‘Temporary Museum for New Design 2014 by Superstudio Group’ exhibition where it was chosen as ‘Superstudio Selection.’

Technical info

Dimension: W575mm x D520mm x H670mm

Weight: 3,028grams

Material: Polypropylene

Designed & Manufactured in Korea

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*All images were provided by Centimeter Studio.

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