Jamsil Sports Complex


Jamsil Sports Complex_01

Jamsil Sports Complex_10

Indoor Gymnasium

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Jamsil Sports Complex_04

Baseball Stadium

Jamsil Sports Complex_06

Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium

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Jamsil Sports Complex_13

Swimming Pool 1

Jamsil Sports Complex_15

Jamsil Sports Complex_17

Seoul Students’ Gymnasium

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Jamsil Sports Complex was built for Asian Game in 1986 and 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Initially Dongdaemun Stadium was called Seoul Stadium, but as Jamsil Sports Complex opened, the name was changed to Dongdaemun Stadium, and was demolished in 2009. The main stadium and the indoor gymnasium was designed by Swoo Geun Kim of Space Group, baseball stadium was designed by In-ho Kim of Dae-ah Architects, and the indoor swimming pool was designed by Pil-jeong Heo of Daehan Architecture Collaborative. Construction began in 1974, and was finished in 1984. Unfortunately companies of all the architects’ involved seemed to have closed down, Space Group being the most recent closure. The main stadium was designed to mimic line and form of Korean porcelain.

Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium – can accommodate 100,000 people in a single event.

Site area : 132,200 sqm  |  Building area : 75,469 sqm  |  Total floor area : 111,792 sqm  |  69,950 seats.

Indoor Gymnasium – can accommodate 20,000 people in a single event. 1st floor is movable seats, so it can be used for multi-purposes.

Site area : 26,096 sqm  |  Building area : 7,098 sqm  |  Total floor area : 20,096 sqm  |  11,069 seats

Swimming Pool 1 – can accommodate 400 people

Building area : 8,073 sqm  |  Total floor area : 22,479 sqm

Address : 25 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 25, 잠실종합운동장)
Tel : 02-2240-8876

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