Herald Design Week




The Korea Herald is a local news paper in Korea which delivers news in English which started in 1953. Celebrating The Korea Herald’s 60th anniversary, Herald Design Week (http://www.herald-designweek.com/) for this year was more of a package deal compared to their previous events. In the past, they used to hold four-day forums only, but this year they invited young upcoming designers for Herald Design Market, and they had a couple of Lady Gaga’s artists give a talk at Ewha Women’s University. The tickets were sold out in ten days, so it was a pity to miss out Toyo Ito’s forum opening speech along with many other talks. Will wait for 2014 forum.

Herald Design Market was held at Blue Square Nemo near Hangangjin subway station from October 8th, 2013 to October 11th, 2013. 84 designers/design studios participated in this market event. It was nice to see upcoming designers and their work ranging from fashion, accessories, interior decoration items, arts & crafts, eco-friendly items, etc. Few of them which caught my eyes were greeting cards with basil seeds, paper mobiles,  and unique bracelets.



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