Young Architects Forum



Moon Hoon


Young Architects Forum


ChokChok Urban – Jeonwoochi


Jeong Hoon Lee – JOHO Architecture


Sangjoon Kwak & Sojung Lee – OBBA


Chanjoong Kim – The System Lab


Moon Hoon


Jeong Hoon Lee – JOHO Architecture


Chanjoong Kim – The System Lab


Sangjoon Kwak & Sojung Lee – OBBA


Hyoungnam Lim & Eunjoo Roh – Studio Gaon


Seungmo Seo – Office Hyojadong

8th Young Architects Forum was held at Seoul City Hall this evening. The theme was “POP & Architecture”, divided into three parts: part 1 was about kitsch and romantic architecture, part 2 was about architecture in mass media, and part 3 was about housing architecture. It was interesting to see how they organized this event, because the forum started with mass friendly, easy-to-understand architecture, then moved on to how architecture is represented in pop culture/mass media, then to how the mass perceived architect and architecture as, which is typically ‘someone who designs houses’ and ‘housing’ respectively. In my sense these kinds of talks meagerly helps people understand how much work architects put in to make a building happen. This is why I like how Jae-eun Jeong frankly portrays architects and architecture in her documentaries. I am looking forward to watching Jae-eun Jeong’s lastest movie, “Talking Architecture : City Hall.”

Speaker line-up:

Part 1 : Kitsch and Romantic Architecture
Moon Hoon (
Chanjoong Kim (
Jeong Hoon Lee (
ChokChok Urban (

Part 2. Architecture in Mass Media
Seung Hoi Koo (
Movie director Jae-eun Jeong  (
Exhibition curator Jae Joon Lee (

Part 3. Housing Architecture
Sangjoon Kwak & Sojung Lee (
Seungmo Seo (
Hyoungnam Lim & Eunjoo Roh (



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