water playground


garden of time


sunyoodo information center


water purifying area


han river exhibition hall


garden of green columns


garden of time


water purifying area


aquatic botanical garden


green house


aquatic botanical garden


han river exhibition hall

Sunyoodo is a remodeled eco-friendly park in Seoul, designed by SungYong Joh as the architect, and SeoAhn( as the landscape architect. Sunyoodo Park used to be a water treatment plant from 1978 to 2000. In 1999, the city planned to turn the water treatment plant into a park, and held a competition. The plant was closed in December 2000, then was remodeled into a park, reopened in April 2002. It’s quite amazing that they did the whole thing in three years.

In the park, there is Han River exhibition hall, many gardens using the structure of the water treatment plant as is, a green house a pavillion, an outdoor performing area, and a cafe. The park is usually never too crowded, pretty quiet and chill, very nice to walk around. It’s nice to see how they avoided demolishing the water treatment plant, and used them as they were for different use, eg., for plants to climb up, or for people to walk over.

Area : 110,407 sqm

Address : 343 Sunyoo-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 영등포구 선유로 343)
       *FYI, my usual route to Sunyoodo is via Hapjeong Station(subway line2) and Yanghwa bridge/Sunyoo-ro, but many people suggest taking Sunyoo-gyo, a pedestrian bridge close from Sunyoodo Station(subway line9).
Tel :  +82 – 02 – 2634 – 7250
Hours : 6AM-Midnight

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