Jeju World Cup Stadium



Completed in 2001, Jeju World Cup Stadium is located in Seoguipo-si, Jeju. It was designed by Ilkun Architects and the structure engineer was Thornton Tomasetti to host FIFA World Cup in 2002. Resembling the shape of “oreum,” the local name for the mounds and craters created by volcanic activities, the stadium’s roof takes its form from the sails of Jeju’s traditional fishing boats.

Area: 66,387sqm (1 story below ground, 5 stories above ground)

Reinforced concrete & truss structure

Total seating capacity: 35,657

Address: 33 Woldeukeom-ro, Daeryun-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 월드컵로 33, 제주월드컵경기장)

Phone:+82 064-760-3623

Hours: World Cup Exhibition : 9AM-6PM  |  Stadium: March – October 6AM – 10PM, November – February 7AM – 10PM

Fee: World Cup Exhibition is free. Renting the stadium costs 1,000,000KRW in weekdays and 1,300,000KRW on Saturdays and official holidays

Parking: Free. 709 parking spots for regular vehicles, 44 spots for bus parking

On Ilkun Architects website:

On Thornton Tomasetti website:



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