SeMA Nanji Residency



sema nanji residency_07sema nanji residency_01sema nanji residency_04sema nanji residency_02sema nanji residency_08

sema nanji residency_11

by Marion Bocquet-Appel

sema nanji residency_05sema nanji residency_06sema nanji residency_09

sema nanji residency_12

by Csilla Klenyánszki

sema nanji residency_10sema nanji residency_03

sema nanji residency_13

by Jan Adriaans

After unused sewage treatment facilities at Nanjido, Seoul was renovated, SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) Nanji Residency opened their in 2006. Studio A was opened in 2006 after leachate treatment system was renovated, and Studio B and gallery opened in 2008 after further renovation. They have two studio buildings which house 25 studio units for their resident artists, two exhibition halls to hold resident artists’ exhibitions (tent structure with external frames, designed by J.U. Architects & Partners), a shared outdoor work space, sculpture garden, and other supportive functions such as communal kitchen, laundry room, parking lot, etc. Every year 20 local artists are invited to stay for a year and work. 16 foreign artists are invited to stay for three months in each quarter. SeMA Nanji Residency support artists’ creative activities, hold exhibitions and publish yearly booklet of resident artists’ work. Artists’ work range from fine art, sculpture, installation to media art, photographs, etc.

Exhibition “Bridges Made Out of Rocks” presenting Marion Bocquet-Appel, Csilla Klenyánszki, and Jan Adriaans work is open till September 18th, 2PM-6PM

Site area : 17,291sqm | Building area : 2,071sqm (four buildings), 25 studio units | Sculpture garden area : 2,488sqm, 24 pieces of art

Address : 108-1, Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울 마포구 하늘공원로 108-1, 서울시립미술관 난지미술창작스튜디오)
Tel : +82 02-308-1071 –  SeMA Nanji Residency official website

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