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Hannam-dong Office was designed by Chanjoong Kim’s THE_SYSTEM LAB(http://thesystemlab.com/). The building is comprised of two modules, A and B, both 4,925×3,750mm frame module. They were arranged in the order of A-B-A-B on second and fourth floor and B-A-B-A on third and fifth floor. Casting mold for the concrete modules were made by steel. Each frame modules were color coded and were formed of 10 blocks which were made of 52 panels. Building the mold took them almost 40% of their time for construction, but they managed to construct the undulating facade in eight months. The building is used for retail, office, and studio.

2 floors below ground, 5 floors above ground, 19.8m high

Site area : 433sqm | Building area : 245sqm | Total floor area : 1,315sqm

Address : 104 Hannamdae-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (서울시 용산구 한남대로 104)
http://thesystemlab.com/371 – Hannam-dong Office renderings, drawings and construction photographs on THE_SYSTEM LAB website

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