National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

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Opened in 2012, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History was designed by Junglim Architecture ( The building was originally Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism building, remodeled and expanded into a museum. They reused existing slabs up to fifth floor and reinforced structure to resist seismic load, reusing more than 60% of existing structure. To save energy, they minimized opening on the west side of the building, covering most of the facade with translucent u-glass to allow indirect lighting into interior space. Solar panels also help energy saving. The museum introduces visitors to Korea’s history from 1876 to present, covering Japanese invasion, Korean War, post war recovery, economic growth from 70’s, 1988 Seoul Olympics, etc.

8 floors above ground

Site area : 6,445sqm | Building area : 2,857sqm | Total floor area : 10,734sqm

Address : 198 Sejongdae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea (서울 종로구 세종대로 198, 대한민국역사박물관)
Tel : +82 02-3703-9200
Hours : 9am-6pm. Open till 9pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Closed on January 1st and on Mondays.
Free entrance – National Museum of Korean Contemporary History official website



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