YAP Exhibition at MMCA Seoul



YAP (Young Architects Program) exhibition at MMCA Seoul is an extension of MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program to South Korea. This year Moon Ji Bang (Jang Won Choi, Cheon Kang Park, Kyung Min Kwon)’s Shinsheon Play(신선놀음) won the prize to have their project installed in MMCA Seoul. The project reminded me of Air Forest designed by Mass Studies back in 2009, which Kyung Min Kwon was part of the team (http://www.archdaily.com/22847/air-forest-mass-studies/). It is comprised of inflatable structures with wooden staircase connecting heaven and earth. Based on Taoism, it represents a place where a wizard would have been relaxing in his enchanted world. Inflatable structures create shade, and the cool mist makes you feel as if you are in the clouds. Installation process and runner ups’ works are exhibited in Exhibition Room 7. Exhibition goes on till October 5th, 2014.

Address : 30 Samcheong-ro, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울 종로구 소격동 삼청로 30, 국립현대미술관 서울관)
Tel : +82 02 3701 9500
Hours : Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday 10am – 6pm
Wednesday & Saturday 10am-9pm
Closed on Mondays
Entrance ticket : Tickets for all exhibition at MMCA Seoul is 4,000 Won (2014.3.1 ~ 2014.12.31)

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