Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul



Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul was designed by Graft Beijing office ( ) and is located near Dosan Park. Local architect was Urbantainer ( ). When I started working at Graft in Beijing, they were already done with Platoon, so I first saw the building in Seoul in 2009. It is quite opposite from Graft’s geometrical/formal language, but it was client’s request for them to use container boxes. In my sense the idea of Platoon coincides with many traits Graft conveys – experimental, cultural and innovative.

Platoon has successfully positioned itself as a creative platform in Seoul, providing space for artist residency, performance, exhibition, cultural events, workshops, discussions, and etc. They choose upcoming artists every year to use their four rooms A, B, C, and D. Rooms are very small, but the residency goes for six months to a year and the location is very good. It definitely provides and creates an interesting urban art scene.

Year completed : 2009    |   Area : 415 sqm

Address : 97-22 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울 강남구 논현동 97-22)
Tel: +82-(0)2 -3447-1191~5

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