Gallery Yeh


gallery yeh_12gallery yeh_02gallery yeh_05gallery yeh_07gallery yeh_09gallery yeh_03gallery yeh_06gallery yeh_01gallery yeh_08gallery yeh_10gallery yeh_04gallery yeh_11

Gallery Yeh was designed by Unsangdong Architects (, run by architect Yoon Gyoo Jang, in 2005. The folded skin creates interesting space, and has more of a sculpture-like feel to it. In my sense, 2003 or so was when the term ‘urban fabric’ and ‘folding’ were very popular in Korea. Most of the articles on Gallery Yeh talks about how it reflects the city by its folded urban fabric, some refer to it as ‘urban canvas’.

Sang-taek Oh’s exhibition ‘Closets’, the exhibition shown in the images, goes on till December 20th, 2013. Sang-taek Oh collaborated with a few fashion designers, and took pictures of cloths in wind or movement. It was an interesting approach of photography to fashion.

Site Area : 567.5m2  |  Gross Floor Area : 1,995.14m2

Address : 18 Apgujeong-ro 12th st., Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울 강남구 압구정로 12길 18)
Phone : 02-542-5543
Hours : Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM, Saturday 10AM-6PM, Closed on Sundays and Holidays 

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