Seoul Baekje Museum


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Seoul Baekje Museum was designed by G.S Architects & Associates (, and it opened in 2012. The architect’s intention was to start from the entrance, make your way up walking through the exhibition spaces, then go outside to the roof landscape and look over where Baekje people used to live back in 18B.C. – 475A.D., until Wiryeseong(which is now Pungnap Toseong in Seoul) was taken over by Goguryeo in 475. I was more intrigued by the folding geometry of landscape which was leading to the roof of the building that I went backwards. On the way to the top, you can see skylights letting daylight into the museum. The roof is connected to the restaurant on the second floor. From then on downwards to basement level 1, it’s mostly exhibition spaces. Basement level 2 is education area where they have lecture rooms, library, and a 300-seat auditorium. The vast open space in the lobby presents a part of Pungnap Toseong wall which is 43 meters wide and 11 meters high.


3 floors below ground, 2 floors above ground

Site area : 14,894sqm | Building area : 2,901sqm | Total floor area : 19,423sqm

Address : 71, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul (서울 송파구 위례성대로 71, 한성백제박물관)

Hours : 9AM-9PM weekdays, 9AM-7PM on weekends and holidays, closed on Mondays, and January 1st.

Admission : free (special exhibitions may be charged – Seoul Baekje Museum official website



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