Kyungdong Presbyterian Church


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Kyungdong Presbyterian Church was designed by Swoo Geun Kim in 1981. Its main entrance is at the back of the building, so once you go up the stairs to the back, there’s a small court in front of the main entrance with a staircase leading you to the outdoor performing space with 300 seats. When you reach that court, it feels very peaceful and quiet; secluded from all the noise from the city. The church has almost no window except for the skylight coming down to the cross in the main chapel, which accentuates the cross. Chapel interior is of exposed concrete, and exterior is covered with cut bricks. These days they hold Thursday lunch time concert, so when I went there last Thursday, I got to listen to a soprano sing “Nella Fantasia.” It was so beautiful. Acoustics and ambiance was great.

500 pyeong in land area | 271 pyeong building area | 2 fl below ground, 2 fl above ground w/ outdoor performing area

Address : 26-6 Jangchungdan-gil 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구  장충단길 1가 26-6)
Tel : 02-2274-0161
Website :

2 thoughts on “Kyungdong Presbyterian Church

  1. I love this church. I used to pass by on bus often and regret not having once gone inside. I also like the way it has aged and the expression of brick throughout.


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