Water Museum

Water Museum is a part of Three Art Museums in Biotopia in Jeju designed by Itami Jun

Wind Museum

  Wind Museum is a part of Three Art Museums in Biotopia in Jeju. It was designed by Itami Jun in 2006. Its simple form and careful spacing of the wood siding allows you to experience Jeju wind without getting distracted by clutters of the busy world. Site Area : 1,751sqm | Building Area : 76.8 sqm […]

Podo Hotel

  Podo Hotel was designed by Itami Jun. It mimics the shape of traditional houses in Jeju, and yes, the shape of grapes (Podo – 포도 – means grapes in Korean) like its name. There are many windows to let in indirect sunlight and extend views to outside. It’s very interesting to see how Itami […]

Church of Sky

  Church of Sky, which is called Bang-ju-gyo-hui in Korean, was designed by Itami Jun Architects. It is tucked away in a quiet area facing a vast field. Surrounded by water, the church shines its triangulated zinc paneled roof. The plan is very simple. When you enter, you are greeted by natural light falling from […]